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The Transalpine

4 days to understand how sea and mountain interact. A ride that borders the Mercantour national Park, crosses the border between medium and high mountains, between France and Italy.

The Transalpine

4 Days-850€

April, 28th - May, 1st

D1 / 6h riding

The first day connects Sainte-Agnès to Peira-cava. From the sea to the mountains, from the scrubland to the fir trees. In the morning, we ride along the Ségra plateau, an unexpectedly fertile plateau where we can galop. The bay of Nice is revealed in the distance, while the mountains, sometimes snowy, show up when we turn our heads. After a lunch break at the Col de Braus, off-piste skiing takes us through the first mountains. The tree species are already starting to change and announce the huge beech forest that we cross during the last part of the day. Sinuous paths and tracks follow one another, the paces vary!

We spend the first night with dear friends, in chalets in Peira Cava, one of our best tables!

  • Gaits : Galop and trot on dirt roads, walking in the scrubland. 

  • Homemade picnic

  • Night and dinner at Karine's  

D2 / 7h riding

We explore the backcountry and its mountains, which at the time of this rides are not accessible to us because of the snow. We cross the village of Moulinet, with its generous countryside and marked trails. In spring, the scents of broom and thyme make it an olfactory experience. We then take almost forgotten paths and abandoned military roads before descending to the village of Sospel. A generous countryside south of the Alps. We stop at La Chapelle Saint Gervais, at Pascale's house. The stage is a dream, a 16th century drop renovated with taste. 

D3 / 8h riding

Today, we are going to Italy! A trek in the forest, on winding paths, where we pass from pass to narrow river, leads us to the Brouis pass. In the afternoon, with super breath, we take a path overlooking the Roya valley, from Breil to Péone. It is vertiginous. Sometimes, an encounter of a different kind with an almost wild herd of sheep accentuates the sensations.  A gentle descent through the olive trees leads us to our last stop: the border village of Olivetta.


  • Gaits : Galop and trot on dirt roads, walking in the scrubland.

  • Homemade picnic

  • Night : 1/2 Boars in appartement in the village, at Remo's

D4 / 7h riding

We cross the village at sunrise to take the stone bridge belonging to the old mill and to climb in the direction of the Pas dell Treitore… Almost 1000m of height difference, where we have the impression to go back in time. There are marks of the former cultures : walls made of dry stones, arbergh, drinking trough… We stop to lunch in a clearing, in a mountain refugee, an oasis of calm. During the afternoon, we come back in France, by a cow path again ! We come back peacefully in Sainte Agnès by the Castillon saddle, last tracks offer an amazing view of the sea, just to greet the scenery that have carried us away.

  • Homemade picnic

N.B. The itineraries are given as an example, the final itinerary will be sent to you approximately one month before departure


Possibility of a round trip transfer from Nice train station or airport with 2 additional nights in half board (1 night before departure, 1 night on arrival) : 300 €.

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