The Transhumance

Following the tradition of the mountain pastures, each year we go up from Sainte Agnès to the Boréon mountains. 3 days which allow us to discover the different layers between scrubland, mid mountains and high mountains. 

Great Transhumance-

5 Days- 900€

7 Days - 1120 €

June 12st - 16th

September 18th - 24th

This ride takes place in spring and autumn. It heralds the change of season. It is a unique event and an extraordinary experience as all the horses, like a caravan, set off. A journey where the Côte d'Azur and the Alps meet in a magical harmony, a fairy-tale beauty, a charm full of history. 


In spring, the wild, unspoilt fauna and flora are reborn along the ancient Roman paths to the snow-covered summits. Everything is immaculate with light and the blue of the sky merges with that of the sea. In autumn, it is the golden light, the deciduous forests that illuminate our route. The transhumance on horseback allows us to experience the change of seasons, the change of summer pastures and to perpetuate the pastoral tradition of the mountains. 

D1 / Welcome

Transfer from Nice airport (100€ /person), from San Remo (50€/person) or welcome at the B&B, the view is breathtaking over the sea and the Alps. Dinner in one of the village restaurant. ​

D2 / 5h30 Riding

First day on horseback, we ride gently through the hills above Bajardo, through chestnut forests. We arrive, for lunch at Monte Ceppo, at 1600m altitude, a peeled mountain, where sheep and goats graze. It reveals a surprising view: the Mediterranean below, the Alps on the right and the Ligurian mountains on the left. Having eaten, we start the short afternoon by going down a path towards the Trioria valley. We stop at San Giovani del Prato to buy sheep's milk and visit a country church. We quickly arrive at the evening halt, a picturesque agroturismo, pig, cow, goose, hens, donkeys and horses are waiting for us. 


  • 1/2 board: Agriturismo il Rifugio: in double or triple roomanking paths.

  • Distance: 15km

  • Height difference + : 1000m / Unevelled : 900 m

D3 / 7h30 riding

We join, this second day on horseback, the friendship trail that runs along the border between France and Italy. To do so, we first pass by the artificial lake of Tenarda, make a quick stop at the refuge for an aperitif and join the famous track that we will ride for 3 days. Sometimes in France, sometimes in Italy, this ridge track, favourable to paces, unveils astonishing and unobstructed views and crosses blocks that have been converted into a cowshed. We end our day by climbing a small path that leads us to a big stone Jesus who greets us and then to our evening gite, perched on the ridge at 2000m altitude, at the top of the slopes of the somewhat outdated resort of Monesi. 

  • 1/2 board: ( La Terza: overnight stay in a collective room

  • Distance: 22km

  • Difference in height : 1600m/Unevelled : 600 m

D4 / 7h30 riding

Today, we have an alternative: a particularly vertiginous ridge path or the friendship trail that continues. If the team is brave and wants to feel the sensation, we will spend the day with empty space on the right and on the left: splendid views guaranteed! If the cavalry prefers the calm of a rolling track, we will cross magnificent mountain pastures wooded with pine and larch. In the evening we arrive at the Don Barbera refuge, at the entrance to the site of Marguareis, a karstic massif well known for speleology.


D4 / 8h30 riding

We continue the friendship trail. The morning is long but beautiful and very rolling. The road of the forts, particularly is a must of the regional one, the works of art are remarkable, the views are almost lunar! We have lunch at the Col de Tende, a border that was once very clear before the construction of the Tunnel. The two forts are majestic. From there we greet Italy and join the valley of the Merveilles by the Pierrefique track. We sleep either in a mine, all made of stone, very nicely rehabilitated. 


  • 1/2 board : Neige et Merveilles : overnight stay in double room (

  •  Distance: 32 km

  •  Height difference + : 1000 m / - 1500 m

D6 / 8h00 riding

At last the Mountain! We enter the Mercantour national park and stay there until the arrival. The day is long but the diversity of landscapes and ecosystems is worth it. We go up the Minière valley and turn left to join the pas de colla rossa, which is sinuous to say the least! Depending on the gullies, you may have to walk on horseback, they will pull you! We then go back down through Jugal and take the side of the mountain pastures where only shepherds live. Everything is virgin and we almost feel like pioneers of the American West. After lunch, we reach the Raus pass, the Granges colonel and join the Gordolasque, our evening stage by the red earth, a path on the side where the clay and iron soil renews our attention. We arrive at the Gordolasque at the foot of the great summits of the Mercantour. 

  • 1/2 board : Relais des Merveilles : overnight stay in a collective room (

  • Distance : 35 km

  • Height difference + : 1800 m / - 1200 m

D7 / 7h00 riding

The last day: the mountain in all its splendour. The itinerary is an M: a big climb in the morning to Valletta, a relatively comfortable descent for your knees in the - magnificent - valley of Paris. After a last picnic in the valley of the Madone de Fenestre, we reach the Maïris plateau and join the Boréon by a memorable descent, short but intense, the little surprise at the end!

  • Distance : 18 km

  • Height difference +1600 / - 1500m

Itinerary Spring 2021

Some paths were damaged by the Alex storm of 2/10/21, so this year we propose a different itinerary that lasts only 5 days

Day 1 : Sainte-Agnès - Lucéram

Day 2 : Lucéram - Lantosque

Day 3 : Lantosque - Les granges de la Brasque

Day 4 : Les Granges de la Brasque - Valdeblore

Day 5 : Valdeblore - Le Boréon