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Great Transhumance

Continuing the tradition of transhumance, every year, we ride from the Riviera to the Boréon Mountains, at the heart of the Mercantour National Park. These 6 days allow us to explore the various landscapes, ranging from garrigue to mid-mountain and high-mountain regions."

Great Transhumance
5 Days 1300€

June 15-20

September 21 - 26

This horseback ride takes place in the spring and autumn, marking the change of seasons. It's a unique rendezvous and an extraordinary experience as all the horses, like a caravan, set out on a journey. A journey where the French Riviera and the Alps come together in a magical harmony, a fairy-like beauty, and a charm steeped in history.

In spring, the wild and untouched fauna and flora come to life along ancient Roman paths, leading up to snow-covered peaks. Everything is bathed in light, and the blue of the sky blends with that of the sea. In the autumn, it's the golden light and the deciduous forests that illuminate our path.

Horseback transhumance allows us to experience the changing seasons, that of the mountain pastures, and to perpetuate the pastoral tradition of the mountains.

Reverse itinerary in autumn. The following itinerary is provided as an example and may change entirely. The final itinerary will be provided at most one month before departure. The starting point is different from the arrival point, and we will take care of the transfers.

Day 1: Meeting at 5 PM in Sainte-Agnès.

Overnight stay in a double room at Saint-Yves.

Day 2: 7 hours of horseback riding.

A loop day to bid farewell to the sea. We start the day on small garrigue paths leading to Col des Banquettent, then a beautiful galloping trail brings us closer to Col de la Madone. We will then circumnavigate Mont Agel with a breathtaking view of Menton Bay. A secret spot just below the airforce base offers a stunning view of Monaco, where nature meets skyscrapers! We then cross the golf course and, through a path with a clear view of the Paillon Valley and the Bay of Nice, we can see as far as the Esterel. We return to Sainte-Agnès through various paths. Depending on the group's fitness, several options are available. -


  • Gaits: Gallop and trot on trails, not in the maquis.

  • Picnic prepared by us.

  • Overnight stay in a double room at Saint-Yves.

Day 3: 6 hours of horseback riding.

Departure at 9 AM from the village. We leave the coast, and the general scenery takes shape: the sea below, the mountains above. The initial trails allow a gentle introduction to your mount. The Segra plateau appears, a smooth transition from civilization to the mid-mountain with the Mercantour in the background! A short descent awaits us in the afternoon towards Sospel, passing by Fort Saint-Jean.


  • Gaits: Gallop and trot on trails, not in the maquis.

  • Picnic prepared by us.

  • Overnight stay in La Chapelle Saint Gervais, dinner in the village's restaurant.

Day 4: 8 hours of horseback riding.

The first mountain day: 2000 meters of elevation gain! We first pass through a deciduous forest to climb the first hill, Mont Ageisen. After some balcony trails, we begin the steep ascent to Mont Mangiabo. It's a big effort for the horses, so we follow their pace and enjoy the exceptional view. Gradually, we reach the summit of Mont Mangiabo, a barren mountain, the first in Mercantour, where we have lunch, delighted both visually and gastronomically. The afternoon starts with rather steep ridge paths. We finish this long day on trails leading to Camp d'Argent, where we will spend the night.


  • Half board: L'Estive in a double or triple room.

  • Picnic prepared by us.

Day 5: 6 hours of horseback riding.

The next day, the horses head to Lauthion, where barracks of the Army of the Alps bear witness to this strategic passage. The mountains are steep, and the ravines are deep. Sheep graze occasionally, and chamois can be seen year-round. We cross the Col de Raus, where if we are lucky, a pink carpet of wild rhododendrons appears as in a cartoon. Soon, we encounter the red lands that resemble the Far West. A trail leads us to Saint-Grat in the Gordolasque Valley.

  • Half board: Le Grand Capelet in a double or triple room.

  • Picnic prepared by us.

Day 6: 7 hours of horseback riding.

On the last day, Le Boréon is not far away, two cols separate us from it: a day of mountain riding. In the morning, we cross the first one, revealing the Prals Valley. A second ascent in the afternoon takes us to the Plateau de la Mairis, at the heart of the Mercantour National Park. The descent is steep, very steep, but by this stage of the journey, you'll have a sure foot. The transhumance ends, and three months of summer in the mountains begin before returning to spend the winter by the sea.


  • Picnic prepared by us.

  • Transfer back to the starting point on the evening 

The ride takes place in the mountains, and it's essential to be in good physical condition. All descents are done on foot, with the longest ones lasting up to 2 hours and involving up to a thousand meters of elevation.


Everything is included in the price (accommodations, transfers as mentioned in the description, picnic), only evening drinks at the stops will be an additional cost.


It is possible to book an extra night at the end of the ride, and we can also organize a transfer from the train station or airport. Price on request


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