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Balconies of the Riviera

Where the Alps flow into the sea, between the French Riviera and Italian Liguria, we offer unforgettable itineraries where gastronomy, pastoralism and nature converge. 


The Border


3 Days

On demand


A short rides that weaves its way between the French-Italian border

500 €


Little Liguria


5 Days

April 25th-29th

May 2nd - 6th

May 23rd - 27th

June 1st -5th

June 12 th - 16th


From Italian villages to coastal hills, 5 days to discover the secrets of Liguria.

900 €


High Liguria

7 Days

1April 23rd - 29th

​May 23rd - 29th

June 12th - 18th

From Sainte Agnes to Bordighera, 7 days to experience the gastronomy and landscapes of the Ligurian coast.

1240 €

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