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A  Mythical ride from the sea to the mountains; from wintering to summer pastures ... 

3 days / 2 nights: 550 €

9 - 11 June


This ride takes place in the spring and fall. It announces the change of season. It is a unique meeting and an extraordinary experience since all the horses, like a caravan, set off. A trip where the Côte d'Azur and the Alps come together in a magical harmony, a magical beauty, a charm full of history. 

In spring, the wild, intact flora and fauna are reborn along the ancient Roman paths to the snow-covered peaks. Everything is immaculate in light and the blue of the sky merges with that of the sea. Transhumance on horseback allows you to experience the change of seasons, that of the summer pastures and to perpetuate the pastoral tradition of the mountains. 

It is a special moment, out of time, which marks the period of high mountain treks for horses. From Sainte Agnès, the herd heads towards the path of the ridges, already the flora of the maquis gives way  to hardwoods. In the evening, we stop at Peira-Cava. The next day,   the horses set off in the Mercantour National Park where barracks of the Army of the Alps from World War II bear witness to this strategic passage. The mountains fall steeply and the ravines deep. Soon the red lands of the Gordolasque valley to sleep at the Refuge des Merveilles. The third day Le Boréon is not very far, the lakes of Prals, the plateau of Maïris constitute a real enchantment through the mountain pastures. The transhumance is coming to an end, three summer months in the mountains before returning to spend the winter by the sea.

Itinerary given as an example, the final itinerary will be communicated to you before departure.  

D1 / 7h30 of horseback 

Meeting at 9 a.m. in Sainte-Agnès

  • GAIT / MOVEMENT: Not on mountain trails, more lively on the slopes

  • Picnic prepared by us

  • Overnight at La Chapelle Saint Gervais in Sospel

  • Massage on request at an additional cost  

D2 / 8h00 riding

  • Paces: A day of climbing!

  • Picnic prepared by us

  • Overnight: 1/2 board at festive at Camp d'Argent

D3 / 6h30 of Horse 

  • Morning in the rather steep mountain paths, afternoon which can lend to the paces

  • Picnic prepared by us

  • Night at the Gordolasque at the Hotel du Grand Capelet

D4 / 7h30 of Horse 

  • Day in M: Two steep ascents on horseback, two steep descents on foot

  • Picnic prepared by us

  • Arrival at the equestrian center at around 6 p.m. then transfer to Nice or Sainte-Agnès

Everything is included in the price ( accommodation, transfers mentioned in the description, picnic), only drinks in the evening at the stages will have to be paid in addition .  

Additional night  possible on the last evening (50 to 80 € / person in 1/2 pension depending on the accommodation)

Additional transfer on the way  from Nice : 180 € for 2 people / 300 € up to 8 people

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