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High Liguria

It is no longer a ride, but a journey, an experience to make you forget all sense of time.   An excursion to discover a secret: High Liguria, also called Riviera dei fiori ; the flowers and aromatics culture is there indeed a tradition. Between sea, mountain and authentic gastronomy, it’s one of the most famous Italian areas for its cooking, and we make stops in hotels and restaurants each evening, which promise to treat your taste bud. We will also spend one night at the Thermal baths of Pigna, the third day, where a Spa is waiting for you!

High Liguria- 7 days- 1170€

23/4/21 - 29/4/21

9/5/21 - 15/5/21

23/5/21 - 29/5/21

12/6/21 - 18/5/21


D1 / 6h riding

As soon as the first day begins, the general scenery sets in : sea on the bottom, mountains on top. The first tracks make possible to be quietly familiarized with your mount. The Monti hamlet, then the Castellar village : sweet transition from civilization to the scrubland ! It’s the whole Riviera which reveals its architecture because Menton, Monaco and even Nice, at the horizon, are connected in the landscape. We cross the border by a cow path that we opened ourselves. A crossing through the scrubland which one could believe unsophisticated leads us gradually to our night stage : Mortola, a hamlet which overlooks the sea. We sleep at Alto Blu, an entirely blue B&B.

  • Gaits : Galop and trot on dort roads, walk in the crib land. 

  • Pic-pic prepared by us

  • Night : @ Alto Blu, diner at the village restaurant. 

D2 / 7h riding

Border crossed, we start the discovery of the secret Liguria. We pass by the first moutains over the sea and cross medieval villages, formerly deserted and now restored : Villatella, Torri, Colla Bassa. We cross over the first italian valley to reach our overnight stay in Olivetta, a typical Ligurian village. 

  • Gaits : various gaits day, a little difference of lever during the afternoon, trot and gallop on the berms

  • Lunch at Torri eco village restaurant

  • Night : 1/2 board in an apartment in Olivetta : Remolydays

D3 / 7h riding

We cross the Bévéra to reach the hamlet of Fanghetto, We tackle an uphill almost forgotten path to reach the Alta via; a military track that follows the highest ridges above the sea. It's a day to discover the beauty of the area, and the ghosts of the past generations who lived there. It takes us trotting to the refuge of Gol di gouta.

  • Gaits : Various gaits day, a little difference of lever during the afternoon, trot and gallop on the berms

  • Picnic prepared by us

  • Night : 1/2 board in collective rooms in Gol di Gouta

D4 / 7h riding

We go down to the village of Pigna by a particularly hidden path! The impression of travelling in time will be sublimated by the lunch at restaurant village where your taste buds will be delighted. In the afternoon, we head towards Langan. The traces of the intensity of the cultures of yesteryear are striking: dry stone walls, arbergh, watering troughs... It seems that nobody else but us takes this path! We arrive at the end of the afternoon al Rifugio. A farmhouse inn which is very close to fairy tale.

  • Gaits : Walking in descent, a little of trotting in the afternoon 

  • Lunch at the village restaurant

  • 1/2 board in Agriturismo : il rifugio 

D5 / 7h riding

We are entering the valleys that hold secrets ! After a descent into the underwoods, we reach the Trioria Valley. The hilltop village appears in the distance as we ride along the banks of the river. We cross it and stop at Molini di Trioria. The village, built on the riverside, is mostly known for its ... witches! Every year a great festival sets the valley ablaze, even the inquisition had its resistants!


We go back up the other side and take a path that takes us absolutely away from civilization. as if, during the time of this journey, we were in another space-time. In the evening, we sleep in what will become, a few weeks later, the mountain pastures of Italian sheep farmers. tiny but well-equipped houses provide us with well-deserved comfort!  The ground is flexible and almost flat! Beautiful paces await us. 

  • Gaits : walking, trotting and a short galop

  • Half-board in the tiny houses

D6 / 7h de Cheval

We go down into the valley, cross the river and start our return to the coast. We cross an abandoned military camp, worthy of a novel by Borges, before finding a more reassuring path and quickly reach Monte Ceppo. Two flattened hills which culminate at 1600m and offer a breathtaking panorama of the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps.

After a descent between various species of trees, we arrive at our evening stop in the village of Bajardo. For this last stage, comfort is expected! A particularly comfortable bed and breakfast welcomes us, we dine at the village restaurant in the evening. The view from breakfast is simply unforgettable. 

D7 / 6h riding

We go down to the sea by different tracks and paths. The Secret Liguria reveals its landscapes and ways of life, we can observe a good panorama of it at Mount Bignone, for the morning coffee. We then follow different ridges, the one of the mountains that flow into the sea. The land soon becomes sand. We have lunch with a rather breathtaking panorama over the bay of San Remo. Depending on the state of the troop, we finish the ride in Seborga, a self-proclaimed principality (lol) or near the port, in Bordighera. 

Motorized return for horses and riders. 

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