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Alpi Maritimi

This ride links two spaces-times: eternity of a wild landscape and the time of riders and its paces

Alpi Maritimi                       
5 Days/4 Nights - 1100€

14 - 18 July

These rides take you to the heart of the Mercantour National Park, along different routes, to discover its special mountains;

Itinerary given as an example, the final itinerary will be communicated to you before departure. 

D1 / 6h30 of horse riding

The horses first head towards the Molière valley. The riders move among the larches and fir trees. The slopes lend themselves to gaits. The arrival at the Col de la Mercière announces the crossing of the alpine ski resort Isola 2000. The scree slopes crossed reveal the agility of the cavalry. The famous Col de la Lombarde marks the border and reveals an Italian mountain pasture landscape: the mountains razed by the pastoralists. A gentle path leads to the Santa Anna di Vinadio monastery, an important place of pilgrimage in the Southern Alps; a mystical night is brewing.

Departure 9 a.m. from Boréon

  • Paces: slow on mountain trails, faster paces on the slopes

  • Picnic prepared by us

  • Night at the Sant'ana di Vinadio

D2 / 7 hours of Horseback riding

The next day, it’s the Italian mountains. A track in the meadows where marmots are numerous. Very quickly a mountain path, very mineral, to reach, we didn't believe it, the Orgias pass. And there, the mountain reveals its surprise: it is a secret valley with a magnificent lake. The valley of Malinvern is magical,  it is a real picture that is offered to riders, like those of the romantic works of German painters of the 18th century. The recently renovated refuge at the foot of Mount Malinvern (3000m) offers a heavenly night.

  • Gaits: Mountain day: morning on the slopes with a few gaits then mountain trail. Afternoon mainly on foot.

  • Picnic prepared by us

  • Night in dormitory at the Malinvern refuge

D3 / 5 hours of horse riding

The next day is a day of lakes, on one side and the other of the Col de Valescure, with breathtaking landscapes. A steep climb in the morning on steep paths not led from lakes to the Col de Valescure which appears unreachable, but it is only an impression.  A winding descent towards the Valescures lakes (the lakes of obscure waltzes), then after a break, we end this short day with a short crossing (more lakes) to reach the Questa refuge, a refuge at 2400m planted in the middle of the mountain with a breathtaking view of the Po plain. 

  • mountain day

  • Picnic prepared by us

  • Overnight at Questa refuge

D4 / 3 hours of riding

The fourth day is a shorter day to enjoy the thermal baths. We gently descend from our perch and have lunch near the hunting lodge of King Victor Emmanuel 2 then reach the Valdieri thermal baths. This thermal complex dates back to the first half of the 16th century. In 1588, the municipality of Valdieri erected the first bathing establishment commonly used in 1755 by King Charles Emmanuel III. These sulphurous waters at 34 degrees and the hearty dinner at the hotel allow you to pleasantly recover from 4 days of riding.

  • Short day with a short descent on foot then on a horseback trail

  • Picnic prepared by us

  • Overnight at the Valdieri thermal baths royal hotel

D5 / 7h30 riding

On the last day, the crossing is via the “Fremamorte” in the shadow of Argentera at 3400 meters then the Dead Valley and its lakes with turquoise waters... Unbelievable. The Frémamorte pass at 2600 meters announces the French border and the end of this adventure via the Molière valley and the Salèse pass. 

  • Day of enchanted forest paths

  • Picnic prepared by us

The ride takes place in the mountains, it is essential to have good physical condition. All descents are done on foot, these, for the longest, can last 2 hours and represent up to a thousand meters of altitude difference.


Everything is included in the price (accommodation, transfers mentioned in the description, picnic), only drinks in the evening at the stages will have to be paid extra. 

It is possible to book an additional night at the end of the ride, and we can also organize a transfer from the train station or airport. Price upon request

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