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Great Crossing of the Mercantour

A partially Italian itinerary, it joins the Haut-Var to the Boreon through the valleys and mountains of Piedmont, it crosses very different landscapes, and allows you to discover unknown territories.

Great Crossings of the Mercantour 6/6 nights Days- 1300€                     

3 - 9 August (*a)

10 - 16 August (*b)


Those crossings perfectly reflect our vision of horseback riding: exploration! The horse being, in our eyes, the best passer between man and nature, the GTMs are expeditions to discover the magnificent landscapes of the high mountains of the Southern Alps. Horses rarely take the same route every year.  Together we rediscover nomadic instincts, cross space but also time!

These rides take the "via Alpina", a route mapped out between the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, linking the 8 countries of the Alpine arc, from Slovenia to the Principality of Monaco over more than 5,000 km, sometimes the Great Alpine Crossing, which connects Lake Geneva to Menton, and most often cross-country trails! 

From the Roya valley to the Ubaye via the Tinée, the Vésubie, the high valley of the Var, alternating high-mountain mineral landscapes, generous mountain pastures, larch forests and high-altitude villages, this combination of wilderness atmospheres and traditional mountain habitats offers, beyond sportive performance, a week's journey through space - impressive landscapes - and time - heritage and authentic pastoralism.


The itinerary provided is an example and may vary significantly. The final itinerary will be communicated to you no later than one month before departure. The trek is not a loop, so we offer either the outbound or return journey, each taking different routes (6 days for each Great Horseback Trek).


(*a) Outbound: Trek begins on Day 1 at 8:30 AM, Transfer on Day 7 in the morning.

(*b) Return: Transfer in the afternoon on Day 0, trek ends on Day 6 around 6 PM.

Day 0:

Meeting at 3 PM in Nice or at 4:30 PM in Le Boréon (*b).

Day 1: 6 hours and 30 minutes of horseback riding.

Meeting at 9 AM in Le Boréon (*a). A first day to reach Valdeblore, to do that, you need to go around Peipori, either on the left, and then it's the Salèse Valley, the Molière Valley, both wooded with mélèze trees. A beautiful ascent to reach Col de Barn, which leads to Les Millefonts. A ridge trail takes us to the Rimplas cowsheds, and the day is not over because there's a beautiful descent, 1000 meters of elevation, on foot.

  • Gaits: Not on mountain trails, some gaits on tracks.

  • Picnic prepared by us.

  • Overnight stay at L'Hostellerie du Randonneur in Rimplas.

Day 2: 7 hours of horseback riding.

Morning medium mountain paths to cross the Tinée Valley and reach the magnificent village of Roure by noon, all made of red clay slates. A gentler afternoon, first in a forest that seems enchanted, then a clearing during a climb with a beautiful view of the sea if the weather permits. Arrival in the Longon Valley, a mini-Mongolia where we will be welcomed by shepherd friends at the Longon refuge.

  • Gaits: Crossing the Tinée on steep trails, some gaits.

  • Picnic prepared by us.

  • Overnight stay: Half board at the Longon refuge.

Day 3: 8 hours of horseback riding.

A morning with a western feel as the Longon Valley lends itself to different gaits, mountain paths to cross the valley overlooking the very chic hamlet of Vignols, then galloping tracks to finish the day.

  • Picnic prepared by us.

  • Overnight stay at Domaine de la Pierre in Beuil.

Day 4: 7 hours of horseback riding.

A day of various gaits on high mountain tracks, especially in the morning, then a detour around the Valberg ski resort on lovely paths. We descend towards the beautiful village of Peone, and we will sleep a bit higher in a restored old farm.

  • Picnic prepared by us.

  • Overnight stay at Gîte d'Aliège.

Day 5: 7 hours and 30 minutes of horseback riding.

A day of enchanted forest paths with provincial accents. Crossing the very rarely used paths of the hamlets of Bouchanières and Barels, a landscape that keeps changing. Arrival at Chez Guislaines aux Tourres, in the best accommodation in the area, at Guislaine's.

  • Picnic prepared by us.

  • Overnight stay at Les Tourrès at Guislaine's, a treat.

Day 6: 6 hours and 30 minutes of horseback riding.

A day on the high plateaus of Upper Var to meet the sheep pastures, with several possible routes, possibly a demonstration of managing herds of several hundred heads with beautifully trained dogs.

  • Picnic prepared by us.

  • Overnight stay at Les Tourrès at Guislaine's, a treat.

Day 7: Transfers (*a).

Breakfast at Les Tourrès. Transfers to Le Boréon or Nice included in the price.

The trek takes place in the mountains, and it's essential to be in good physical condition. All descents are done on foot, and the longest ones can last 2 hours and involve up to a thousand meters of elevation.

Everything is included in the price (accommodations, transfers as mentioned in the description, picnic), only evening drinks at the stops will be an additional cost.

It is possible to book an additional night at the beginning or end of the trek, and we can also arrange a transfer from the train station or airport. Price on request

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