Alpi Maritimi

A partially Italian itinerary, it joins the Haut-Var to the Boreon through the valleys and mountains of Piedmont, it crosses very different landscapes, and allows you to discover unknown territories.

Alpi Maritimi 

                          6+1 Days- 1120€

25/7/21 - 31/7/21

21/8/21 - 27/8/21


This ride follows the "Alte Valli" itineraries, Piedmontese itineraries, surveying the little known Italian Alps.  The route taken in this hike connects the Haut Var and the Haute Tinée to the Vésubie, passing through the Italian valley of the Demonte. Alternating landscapes of altitude of these summits of the Alps to villages and hamlets of mountains. This combination of wilderness and traditional mountain habitats offers, beyond the sporting performance, a week of crossing in space - impressive landscapes - and in time - heritage and authentic pastoralism.



The ride is not a loop, so we propose either the outward or the return journey (6 days for each crossing on horseback)

D1 : 8h riding

  • Meeting at 9am at the Boréon riding center

  • Paces : Step on the mountain paths, faster on the tracks

  • Picnic prepared by us

  • Overnight stay at the Sant'Ana di Vinadio Sanctuary


D2 : 7h riding

  • Paces : Mountain trails, a beautiful descent on foot at the end of the morning, more peaceful afternoon on old military roads

  • Lunch at the restaurant in Bagni di Vinadio

  • 1/2 board at Pontebernardo in GTA

D3 : 6h30 riding

  • Paces : Morning ride in the larch forest, crossing the Becchi Rossi then descent to the hamlet of Ferriere

  • Picnic prepared by us

  • Overnight stay at the Becchi Rossi Refuge

D4 : 7h30 riding

  • Paces : High mountain day, crossing the border by the Pouriac pass

  • Picnic prepared by us

  • Overnight at the café à Marius in Bousièyas

D5 : 7h30 riding

  • Paces : Day on the ridges of altitude at 2500m

  • Picnic prepared by us

  • Overnight at Phillipe's in Saint Dalmas le Selvage

D6 : 7h00 riding

  • Paces : Day on the plateaus of the high var to meet the festives of Sheep

  • Picnic prepared by us

  • Overnight at Guislaine B&B in les Tourrès

D7 : 7h00 Transfers

  • Paces : Day on the plateaus of the high var to meet the festives of Sheep

  • Transfers to Boréon or Nice included in the price

NB 1 : The itinerary of the 25/7 makes a small detour by the Valle Maira, the itinerary ends on the 30/7 in the evening in Saint Dalmas le Selvage. The 31/7 is the day of the transfers to Nice or Boréon, included in the price.


NB 2 : The itinerary of the 21/8 is done in the other direction. The 21/8 is the transfer day, we will leave from Les Tourrès and pick you up in Nice or Le Boréon that day, transfer included in the price.