The Great Crossings of the Mercantour

In the summer, we become nomads again and offer you 6 itineraries of 6 days, each time renewed to discover the secrets of the Mercantour National Park and its transalpine twin, the Alpi Maritimi Park.

Great Crossings of the Mercantour                              6 Days- 1010€

4/7/21 - 9/7/21

11/7/21 - 16/7/20

25/7/21 - 30/7/20

22/8/21 - 27/8/21

12/9/21 - 17/9/21


Those crossings perfectly reflect our vision of horseback riding: exploration! The horse being, in our eyes, the best passer between man and nature, the GTMs are expeditions to discover the magnificent landscapes of the high mountains of the Southern Alps. Horses rarely take the same route every year.  Together we rediscover nomadic instincts, cross space but also time!

These rides sometimes take the "via Alpina", a route mapped out between the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, linking the 8 countries of the Alpine arc, from Slovenia to the Principality of Monaco over more than 5,000 km, sometimes the Great Alpine Crossing, which connects Lake Geneva to Menton, and most often cross-country trails! 

From the Roya valley to the Ubaye via the Tinée, the Vésubie, the high valley of the Var and the Valle Stura, alternating high-mountain mineral landscapes, generous mountain pastures, larch forests and high-altitude villages, this combination of wilderness atmospheres and traditional mountain habitats offers, beyond sportive performance, a week's journey through space - impressive landscapes - and time - heritage and authentic pastoralism.


Some itineraries are not loops, the departure point may be different from the arrival point;  the itinerary can be in both directions. We will organize transfers for you. Itineraries may change. We propose you, as illustrations, 6 different itineraries : 

GTM 1 Tinée/Var

D1 / Le Boréon - Les Granges

D2/ Les Granges - Rimplas 

D3/ Rimplas - Longon

D4/ Longon - Péone

D5/ Péone - Les Tourres

D6/ Les Tourres - Estenc

GTM 2 Valle Stura/Vinadio

D1 / Estenc - Saint Dalmas le Selvage

D2/ Saint Dalmas le Selvage - Bousieyas

D3 / Bousieyas - Ferrere

D4/ Ferrere - Zanotti

D5/ Zanotti - Sant'Anna Di Vinadio

D6/ Sant'Anna de Vinadio - Le Boréon

GTM 3 Vésubie

D1/ Le Boréon - La Gordolasque

D2/ La Gordolasque - Peira Cava

D3/ Peira-Cava - Granges de la Brasque

D4/ Granges de la Brasque - Valdeblore

D5/ Valdeblore - Molières

D6/ Molières - Le Boréon

GTM 4 Malinvern

D1/ Le Boréon - Valdeblore

D2/ Valdeblore - Molières

D3/ Molières - Sant'Anna di Vinadio

D4/ Sant'Anna di Vinadio - Malinvern

D5/ Malinvern - Thermes de Valdieri

D6/ Thermes de Valdieri - Le Boréon

GTM 5 Cols des seigneurs

D1/ Le Boréon - San Giacomo

D2/ San Giacomo -  Casterino

D3/ Casterino - Don Barbera

D4/ Don Barbera - Don Barbera

D5/ Bon Barbera - Monesi

D6/ Monesi - La Brigue

GTM 6 Tenarda

D1/ La Brigue - Don Barbera

D2/ Don Barbera - Monesi

D3/ Monesi - Saorge

D4/ Saorge -Turini

D5/ Turini - La Gordolasque

D6/ La Gordolasque - Le Boréon.