The Transhumance

Following the tradition of the mountain pastures, each year we go up from Sainte Agnès to the Boréon mountains. 3 days which allow us to discover the different layers between scrubland, mid mountains and high mountains. 

Transhumance- 3 Days- 430€

19/6/20 - 21/6/20

This trip takes place in the spring and the autumn – the changing seasons signal the time for the horses to be moved to summer pastures in the Mercantour in June, and the return trip made in the autumn as the troupe return to the gentler climes nearer to the coast, for the winter. All of the horses capable of making the tough three day trip, join in the trail ride, a stream of up to 20 horses and riders snaking across the hills. For riders, it is a great opportunity to be immersed in an historic stock movement, as well as being well looked after during overnight stays, with Denis and Scott’s welcoming friends. The route offers all of the best of the Alpes-Maritimes – encompassing a great variety of terrain from the coast to the north and the end of the trip at 1700m, plus fascinating flora and fauna, vestiges of military, and a great deal of fun.

D1 / 6h riding

  • Gaits : Galop and trot on dort roads, walking in scrubland. 

  • Homemade picnic

  • HalfBoard at Karine's

D2 / 7h30 Riding

  • Allures : The longest, most intense day for the riders. Some trot on the tracks, cool pace on the ridges and on the flanking paths.

  • Karine's Picnic

  • Half-board in the relais des Merveilles 

J3 / 6h30 de Cheval

  • Significant difference in height

  • Homemade picnic